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"Simon, Simon . . . I have prayed that your own faith may not fail; and once you have turned back, you must strengthen your brothers." (Luke 22:31-32).

Pope John Paul II was a powerful and unstoppable pastor.  He wrote 14 Encyclicals, 15 Apostolic Exhortations, 11 Apostolic Constitutions, and 45 Apostolic Letters.  These are his more authoritative teachings.  Any person who reads these writings will grow both spiritually and intellectually.  Below is a list of his 14 Encyclicals.

Reading encyclicals is a great way to enter into the mind and heart of the Church.  They are usually written in very clear and simple language and express the truths of the Christian Religion in a convincing manner.  A copious list of Pope John Paul's writings can be read at the Vatican's website.  The encyclicals can be purchased in comfortable book form from Pauline Books and Media. 

We have made the encyclicals available in Adobe Acrobat PDF, which allows for easy viewing and printing.  All you need is the free Adobe Reader.  It can take a few minutes to load, depending on connection.

  1. Redemptor Hominis (The Redeemer of Man) March 4, 1979 (PDF)

  2. Dives in Misedicordia (Rich in Mercy, Nov. 30, 1980 (PDF)

  3. Laborem Exercens (On Human Work) September 14, 1981 (PDF)

  4. Slavorum Apostoli (Apostles of the Slavs) June 2, 1985 (PDF)

  5. Dominum et Vivificantem (On the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church and the World) May 18, 1986 (PDF)

  6. Redemptoris Mater (The Mother of the Redeemer) March 25, 1987 (PDF)

  7. Sollicitudo Rei Socialis (The Social Concern of the Church) December 30, 1987 (PDF)

  8. Redemptoris Missio (The Mission of Christ the Redeemer) December 7, 1990 (PDF)

  9. Centesimus Annus (On the Hundredth Anniversary of Rerum Novarum) May 1, 1991 (PDF)

  10. Veritatis Splendor (The Splendor of Truth) August 6, 1993 (PDF)

  11. Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life) March 25, 1995 (PDF)

  12. Ut Unum Sint (That They May Be One Ecumenism) May 25, 1995 (PDF)

  13. Fides et Ratio (Faith and Reason) September 14, 1998 (PDF)

  14. Ecclesia de Eucharistia (The Eucharist and its Relation to the Church) April 17, 2003 (PDF)


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